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About CCAS


The Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, founded in 1989, is a member-supported, nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement and appreciation of new and experimental art by international, national and regional artists.


Artists who have exhibited at CCAS include Christopher Brown, Camille Utterbach, Hans Hofmann, Willem de Kooning, Mildred Howard, Steve Kaltenbach, Vic Muniz, William Wiley, Troy Dalton, Jack Ogden, Darrin Marin, James Albertson, Brenda Louie, Joan Moment, Tony Natsoulas, Craig N. Smith, Quintin Gonzalez, Gerald Walburg, and John Yoyogi Fortes.


CCAS functions as more than a contemporary art center, hosting special events, such as the Annual Benefit Art Auction, CAST (Capital Artists' Studio Tour), monthly lectures and workshops. In addition to the longtime support of the public, artistic community and of corporate sponsors, CCAS has a strong and dedicated board of directors.


CCAS is the frequent focus of newspaper and magazine articles published in Artweek magazine, Midtown Monthly, The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Magazine, Square Cylinder and the Sacramento News and Review.  A review of artist Christopher Brown’s exhibition at CCAS appeared in the November 2005 issue of Artweek magazine.


CCAS is committed to serving the Sacramento community for the long term. CCAS was founded in downtown Sacramento on 15th Street in 1989, and subsequently relocated to Del Paso Boulevard. With great assistance from the building's owner, Steven Moore of Rex Moore Electrical Contractors & Engineers, CCAS opened at its current location in midtown Sacramento on August 6, 2005.



2013 Board of Directors

Phillip Cunningham, President

Renee S. Carter

Ingrid Foster
Taylor Gutermute

Sandra Kopp
Terry Lee

Burnett and Mimi Miller
Beth Miller

Gayle Miller-Govenar
Elizabeth Fry Moulds

Paulette Trainor

Skip Rosenbloom
Gayle Rappaport-Weiland
Lia Benvenuti Sioukas

James Sweeney

Ali Youssefi



2013 Exhibitions Committee

Chris Daubert, Chair
Sabrina Abbott
A. Michelle Blakeley

Rachel Clarke

Felipa Irene Lugo

Elaine O'Brien
Jenny Stark
Youngsuk Suh







1519 19TH STREET SACRAMENTO, CA 95814-5202       Direct: 916.498.9811        ccasacramento@gmail.com

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